Recently our very own Eddie Lynch sat down with Dusty Rhodes to talk all things Coaching, Mentoring and there benefits as well as so much more.

Here is a brief overview of what was covered:

Inside the Chamber introduces you to the best speakers from over 130 annual Chamber events, keeps you up-to-date with changes coming in the city and also all that’s going on with other business people like ourselves.

Today, we’re catching up with a speaker who really inspired us when he spoke about leadership during one of our recent online events.

Eddie Lynch is a business coach with literally a world of experience stretching from Ireland, to Canada, Turkey, India and back again. He has worked on many start-up projects for international brands and shows you how skills and talent already within you, can help you become a business leader.

In this podcast you’ll discover;

  • Why you should know the difference between consultants and coaches
  • How coaching can give you much stronger more long term benefits
  • Why we all go into business in the first place
  • How failure can be your friend
  • How a coaching program works
  • A short exercise which can help you turn Covid 19 to your advantage