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Suitable for

– Aspiring life coaches

– Aspiring leadership coaches

– Aspiring health coaches

– Emerging leaders

– HR Professionals

The Art & Science of Coaching – Programme Curriculum

 The Essentials Course


Part 1 – Inspiration

Skills and approaches organized around the core essential question: “What do you want?”

Part 1 covers the essential coach mindset, the elements that form a coaching relationship, Erickson’s Coach Position, and the step-by-step process of Erickson’s Coaching Arrow. In Part 1, the emphasis is shifting from problem oriented to Solution-Focused.

At the end of this Part, you will be able to:
• Speak to a clear definition of coaching
• Quickly create trust, safety and rapport with another
• Listen to others at a deep level; hearing more than just the words
• Step into a ‘coaching mind set,’ remaining present, objective and ‘trigger free’
• Create questions that elicit the very best possible answers
• Use coaching methods that are in alignment with discoveries from brain science
• Apply coaching tools to access the genius within another
• Use the power of voice tone to ensure the greatest impact
• Conduct a full coaching session from beginning to end and generate results.

Part 2 – Implementation

Skills and approaches organized around the core essential question: “How might you accomplish it?”

Part 2 has an additional focus on implementation and execution of the desired outcome.

This part provides an improved relationship with strategizing, planning, prioritizing and using time effectively.

At the end of this Part, you will be able to:
• Conduct a conversation that quickly prioritizes for immediate action
• Structure and facilitate a first “discovery/intake” session
• Adopt and maintain a long-term perspective of the ongoing coaching relationship
• Use visual mapping tools to empower coaching conversations and creative thinking
• Notice time management habits and how to leverage them
• Ignite and re-ignite passion and long-term intrinsic motivation
• Conduct a coaching session to create a project plan with built-in success contingencies
• Notice blocks to creative thinking
• Work with the inner obstacles that impede goal completion

 The Advanced Course


Part 1 – Integration

Skills and approaches organized around the core essential question: “Why is that important to you?”

In Part 1, we advance our coaching by developing the skill to uncover the client’s unique motivational structures. We deepen our ability to handle and overcome objections. We also leverage the power of values in enabling commitment and follow through.

At the end of this Part, you will be able to:
• Ask questions to discover the deeper, and often invisible, intrinsic motivators
• Uncover and work effectively with hidden motivational patterns
• Ask coaching questions that leverage the strengths of another
• Advance your listening and coaching presence towards a mastery of unscripted and natural
• ’coaching in the moment’
• Coach at the level of ‘who’ the person is, not just at the level of their action and behaviour
• Use provocative questions to challenge the client into action
• Apply an array of coaching power tools to resolve objections quickly

Part 2 – Completion

Skills and approaches organized around the core essential question: “How would you know you’ve achieved it?”

In Part 2, we focus on how people experience success. We move through completion, including testing of skills and competencies in which the topics of all Parts fall into place to complete the bigger picture of integrated Solution-Focused Coaching.

At the end of this Part, you will be able to:

• Demonstrate an advanced level of the ICF Core Competencies
• Work effectively with negative emotions and stress states
• Apply approaches that develop resilience and inner strength
• Identify and work effectively with belief and value systems that influence the coaching
• conversations
• Respond authentically to the client, in the moment, through advanced intuitive questioning
• Conduct masterful advanced sessions that encourage positive transformation
• Track and reveal the progress of coaching sessions
• Design a plan of future success with your client

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