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Erickson has internationally helped a multitude of major organisations in harnessing Solution-Focused coaching techniques in their workforce. Check out some of our testimonials and executive coaching case studies from satisfied clients.

Our Clients

This program is for every values-based leader who wants to make a difference in the work they do. Whether you are an experienced manager of a large team or an individual contributor, if you believe in coaching and the power of asking questions to inspire and transform people, this course is for you. It has fundamentally changed my perspective on coaching and leadership and we will continue to use the Erickson team to help our company work together more effectively and to perform at a higher level.

Tim Robinson

Ph. D, Director, Executive and Corporate Leadership , Canada Post

  • “Now we know that coaching enables us to focus on the future and our true (real) goals rather than focusing on the past and problems.”
  • “Now, we understand that managers are the “role models” at the same time.”
  • “With these skills manager can play a crucial role in conflict resolution, conflict can be solved between the manager and employee before it becomes an issue of more people and upper management.”
  • “Coaching offers a democratic platform for staff to be more effective in expressing themselves.”
  • “The most powerful learning and development resource is managers in an organisation. By using coaching competencies, Managers can accelerate employee development simultaneously while at the same time they are doing their job.” 
Mercedes Benz

Client Challenge:

The client had identified the need to develop managerial coaching skills and move toward a coaching culture transformation. In addition, the client envisioned an organisational tipping point that would create a value-focused organisation oriented to high-performance.

Erickson Solution:

Write down anything you want. To paraphrase it, click the Quill It button on the right. This included staff from Administration, Human Resources, Marketing, Operations, Branch Managers, Assistant Branch Managers and also Bank Executives at the VP, SVP and Director levels. Training was supported by a series of follow-up group coaching sessions, visual reminders, and integrated messaging from senior leadership.

Participants were supported to engage in on-the-fly informal coaching and shift from periodic performance reviews to regular coaching with the aim of creating powerful direct reporting relationships and partnerships.

For a formal in-house coaching program, the top ten managers were selected as coach participants ; in addition, external executive coaching and organisational transformation consulting were added to this.

A selected group of 30 respondents involved in High-Performance Teams, a sophisticated two-day team coaching programme, after an integration period of 6-12 months.


Overall this process has been an outstanding success. After 60 days, 74% of participants demonstrated managerial coaching practice adoption. 22% of those participants demonstrated high-level skill adoption. One participant reported 110 coaching conversations in her team. Building on the existing culture of employee care, a true high-performance coaching culture has been developed by the client.


“The whole marketing staff took the team coaching programme in November. In the week after the programme the team was unrecognisable. The greatest feedback was received from two part-time advisors who had not completed the training. They were shocked. Every marketing problem became a project. Meetings transformed into spontaneous “whiteboard” meetings in which team members switched to develop comprehensive group solutions visual models. Our marketing efforts are now supported by a vibrant new energy.”

– Joe Cristiano, Marketing Vice President, Credit Union for the Coastal Community

“The Coaching Team Thinking and Innovation Workshop was the instrument I needed to help take the various employee committees to the next level.  While these committees have been very successful to date, the coaching workshop’s learning will help us conjure new ideas and more importantly act on these new ideas. All five committee leads attended the workshop and all five of us have committed to continuing the synergy.”

– Sandra Kokorudz, HR Consultant, Employee Experience, Credit Union Coastal Community

Coastal Community Credit Union

The questions really work, especially the accountability questions. Week by week, I have been challenging my team members and holding them to their promises. It works. I took more from Business Transformed than all the training I had with American Express in my seven years.

Carol Johnston

Team Leader, American Express

In the week after the program I became very aware of my pattern for being the boss. It was difficult to keep remembering to ask for permission rather than just tell people what to do. My team was very busy and it was difficult to set up conversations. I decided to take on asking five open-ended questions every day. It worked. I found myself in dozens of on-the-fly coaching conversations. Everything grew from there. There is now a whole new level of energy in my team.

Dell Thomson

Associate Vice President , Coastal Credit Union

Some of our previous clients include: 

SAP, Asian Paints, Canada Post, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, China Telecom, Fitcurves Kiev,  GMR Group, IBM, Ikea, Johnson & Johnson, Jurong Hospital, Singapore,Telenor Norway, Telenor Serbia, Turkcel, Turkish Petroleum, Vancouver Credit Union, Vimpelkom, Wipro, Mercedes Benz, Oxy Petroleum, Sberbank, Siberian Bank, Sebit, Singapore Armed Forces, SSMC.

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