At a time when resources need to be carefully managed and investments evaluated, training and development of ourselves and our people still remains a necessity and especially in our new business world. Standing still doing the same as we did prior to the pandemic will not allow us to thrive. We need our people to maximize their individual potential, their creativeness and innovation to address new and unknown challenges still to come.

Companies who offer a training alone experience to their managers return a 22.4% increase in productivity and, when Coaching is combined, that rises to 88%.

These are real numbers and are not from a stand alone research – the reports are numerous about the benefits and ROI from Coaching. A recent survey in the Chief Learning Officer Magazine says that the top desired skill for front-line managers is Coaching.

How would you score your Coaching skill set? How would you rate the morale and commitment of those who work for you and how can you raise it? Is your management team inspiring and motivating their departments/divisions?

Our ICF accredited Art & Science of Coaching Programme starts on 3rd July – we have a limited number of spaces still available.