22 February 2022 9:00 am - 10 March 2022 1:15 pm Online

Coach your teams to elevated performance & growth

Offered as a 3 weeks online training programme

High Performance Team Coaching is a course for leaders who want to work effectively with teams. You will learn frameworks, tools, and methods based on Erickson’s Solution-Focused coaching model and principles, both for online and on-site team coaching.
You will be able to apply these in a self-sustaining and practical way that fosters overall team productivity and communication.
Facilitate shifting the mindset of team members from competitiveness towards engagement, curiosity, and mutual trust. Improve the team’s creative thinking abilities to develop long-term vision and goals. Manage projects more effectively aligned with your organization’s purpose
and values.

Who is it for?

This is a course for any organizational leader who works with teams to deliver high impact, high pressure projects or programs. You will be looking to find simple, innovative tools, structures and frameworks that develop team effectiveness and enhance team output. You want to develop new skills in the virtual space to support your team, and create a responsive, dynamic and resilient team culture.

Continuing Education Credits for Coaches.
This course is recognized by the International Coach Federation (ICF) as a course supplying a total of 14 Continuing Coaching Education Units (CCEU).

By taking the High Performance Team Coaching program, you will be able to:

• Facilitate team alignment and trust
• Accelerate team effectiveness
• Support team charters for communication and outcomes
• Build team resilience
• Apply visual thinking systems and tools for breakthrough team workshops
• Understand and leverage the systemic nature of teams
• Enhance co-creative relationships

Program Timetable

The programme will be delivered online by Erickson’s Dr Zerrin Baser to a class of European based learners starting on Tuesday 22nd February 2022.

The classes will run from 10.00 to 14.15 CET on the following days

  • Tuesday 22nd February and Thursday 24nd February 2022
  • Tuesday 1st March and Thursday 3rd March 2022
  • Tuesday 8th March and 10th March 2022

The fee is €800 plus VAT

Closing date for enrollment is 20th February 2022.



The curriculum is divided into three main areas:

Coming Together as a Team

Learn how to engage team members and elicit their unique skills and talents. Use a variety of team methods to develop a ‘team mind’. Based on your organization’s overall purpose define with the team its principles and values that form the underlying basis for working together. Explore aspects of team effectiveness that help create key structures and promote decision-making abilities. Practice how to appreciate team members’ contributions, skills and talents.

The High Performing Team

By understanding how some of our key brain systems function, it will become apparent that team bonding and visioning can actively be developed. Support the team in expanding their ways of creative thinking within different contexts, moving from ideas to actions. Create effective meeting structures, develop team dialogue to sharpen goal setting.

Sustaining Team Collaboration

Measure and track team progress and find opportunities to improve collaboration. Apply brainstorming tools to support creating action steps and accountability with team members. Gain skills in supporting the team to resolve conflict situations. Learn how to recognize working with a variety of personality traits, styles and mindsets that impact team dynamics.

Please contact us if you wish to discuss payment plan options for this course, or enroll below now.

“I had an incredible experience on the Erickson Coaching training course in Dublin. Met wonderful people from all walks of life and genuinely loved every minute of it.”

Andrew Wilson, MD, Keelings Retail- Farms

“In the current context where many of us are working from home, for our coach training we also switched from face-to-face to Erickson’s on-line coach training. The Erickson Academy consists of a wealth of on-line lectures, demos, reading materials, blogs and on-line class webinars. The switch from face-to-face to on-line was seamless thanks to excellent quality trainers, facilitations and materials. I would highly recommend this form of learning as well as the thoroughness of the course itself”

Roel Wuite (WJP- Wuite Jameson Partners Ltd)

“Can’t recommend Erickson Coaching Ireland more highly. I have absolutely loved the course, high standard of training and the opportunities available to me after qualifying as an Erickson Coach will be of huge benefit.”

Vicky Shilling, Wellness Coach and Entrepreneur

“I am extremely pleased that I chose to become a professional coach through Erickson. It was a difficult choice to make and I was convinced by Erickson’s global reputation and their passion to go with them. My trust was more than met with excellent facilitators and learning experiences and the interaction of some amazing co-learners.”

Allison , HR Professional, WHO

“I have had the pleasure of completing the Erickson Coaching Programme (Coach Certificate – ACSTH, Modules 1-IV). It’s been a hell of a journey. I have found the quality of lecturers to be exceptional and the online learning through the Erickson Academy brilliant for engagement and from a learning support perspective. I chose Erickson for a number of reasons which include – their international reach, their emphasis on Solution Focused Coaching and their cutting edge Coaching tools which have included models taken from NLP. I can also say that the approach of Eddie and all the team at Erickson was first class – right down to reorganising Module IV lectures to better suit the participants learning objectives! The course was delivered with professionalism and most importantly tonnes of fun!”

Donal O’Brien – Managing Director Abrivia Recruitment, Dublin, Ireland

“I found Erickson’s ‘The Art & Science of Coaching’ an amazing learning experience, that is definitely contributing to my personal and professional growth.
At the end of the four on-line Modules, I feel to have been empowered with the skills, the style, the effectiveness of being a Certified Business Coach with Erickson. With this I plan, as a second step, to gain the International Coaching Federation credentials to become part of an elite group of Coaches.
I found Erickson approach very rewarding, thanks to a) the professionalism and the know how of the course Facilitators, with their own personal skills and experience but always aiming toward excellence in the Business Coaching field b) the quality of the interaction with the other trainees, based all over the world, that has been very motivating and refreshing.
We all know how challenging it can be to close the gap between an education program and the start of one’s own business. I am really glad to Erickson for having always also addressed this critical area through the learning journey, to support me to build the right mindset to become a successful, professional Business Coach!”

Alberto Serra, Digital Sales Freelancer and Certified Erickson Coach, Italy

“I’m an actor and in response to the current pandemic situation I was looking to expand my opportunities to work remotely with more flexibility. The Erickson Coaching course gave me all the skills I wanted and the option to get a certification within a 5 month period.

Throughout the course the facilitators were so engaging, supportive and incredibly knowledgeable on course content but also on the vast theory and application underpinning it. The course work was interesting and challenging. The Erickson tools and exercises are person-centred in the truest sense.
One of the practical element of the course is peer practice which has had, in my case, a transformational effect on my evolution as a coach but also a great support to my personal development.”

Kate Glavey, Actor, Waterford, Ireland

“I recently completed the online training “The Erickson Art and Science of Coaching” with Global Mindworks. It has been such an amazing experience. The teachers were extremely helpful, thoughtful and competent. Eddie Lynch, the organizer, who also took part in the sessions, really helped in creating an uplifting group dynamic. I enjoyed every piece of this great adventure. So much that at the end of the program, even if I felt proud to become a certified coach, I also felt a bit of sadness. I will miss those classes. I highly recommend this training”

Fabien Naccache, Professional Hypno-Therapist and Professional Business & Life Coach, Paris, France

“I have just completed Erickson’s Art and Science of Coaching in Ireland run by Eddie Lynch and Global Mindworks.

The programme has been very successful, not only from the technical point of view but also from the human relationship point of view. The excellent teaching methods and organization of the programme have been very helpful in achieving my goal.

I enjoyed very much the friendship and the kindness of my classmates, of the teachers and of Eddie, the organizer and Erickson Coaching International partner in Ireland.

It was really an unforgettable experience.”

Yuan Laurent